Valentine’s Day Boxes

Hello again, We will have a Valentine’s Day themed box contest.  Students can decorate their boxes in the categories below. The boxes can’t be any bigger than 20 inches high or 12 inches wide. Students need to be able to carry as well. No names on box. Have them bring on Valentine’s Day.  I will … [Read more…]

Marchel class observations by: Alex Hoyer

After reading a chapter of our book Pax, the class listened and concentrated fairly well but some people were still talking. There is quite a lot of talking on the transition into math. MRS. Marchel was talking to MRS. Orme and there was a lot of talking. a lot of people are doing good in … [Read more…]

Understanding Decimal Shift Patterns

Today in math we looked at decimal shift patterns in multiplication of whole numbers and division with tenths, hundredths and thousands. Students also used base ten with exponents. I think most understood the shift process, but you might want to ask them to try to clarify for you.   Hope this helps!

Holiday/Christmas Movie Maker Project

During the Winter break I have the students do a technology project. They can select their favorite Christmas song or carol and create a movie. They need to either rip from a CD or download a song and save it.  Print off the lyrics and them select appropriate pictures from Bing,  Goggle or pictures they … [Read more…]

Class Blogger, By Molly Teakell

Hello, This week for math we are working on dividing fractions, and flipping the reciprocal. I think people are having a little bit of trouble with flipping the reciprocal. I think this because when it’s math time and we are working on our white boards for dividing fractions, I look around and I see that … [Read more…]

Class Blog by Alex L.

Today in class was a good day. We are learning about how to multiply fractions. Most people in the class are getting how to do it  a hour lesson. Also we learned to go back into chapters and answer a question about what’s important.  Today we got one marble in music but we lost it … [Read more…]

Class Blog By Alex LaVigne

In class this week we have learned about how to multiply fractions.  Some people don’t get it   One reason is that  some people are not paying attention. But  after Mrs. Marchel, had a talk with the class, we started to listen. Now I think we have got it down. One thing we did well … [Read more…]